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We were promised the long overdue response to the Part L 2013 consultation in ‘the Spring’ by the Government.

OK, given the weather, it is quite difficult to know when the Spring ends and Summer starts, however the rain has got warmer so I think Spring has gone, Summer is here and the response has gone beyond tardy and should be made to sit on the Naughty Step when it eventually appears. Read more »

Thanks to the latest document from DCLG in the shape of the Part L 2013 Impact Assessment the mists of confusion around the policy are starting to clear, a little.

Existing dwellings, for example, have been completely ignored by the policy.

We already knew that consequential improvements and the 120 million tonnes of CO2 savings the policy could have delivered had been ditched. Read more »

At Celotex, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new premium performance PIR plasterboard thermal laminates, Celotex GD5000 and Celotex GS5000.

Celotex GD5000 and Celotex GS5000 comprise premium Celotex PIR insulation adhesively bonded to 9.5mm tapered edge plasterboard and are specifically designed for both new build and refurbishment projects. Read more »

10 Advantages of PIR Insulation

Insulation is arguably the most vital contribution to the comfort and thermal efficiency of your home. Without it you would consume endless amounts of energy to heat and cool your house, and this as we all know, costs a lot of money.  Read more »

Three months on from our previous insight into Building Information Modelling, have the signs that BIM will become part of the specification process a lot earlier come to fruition?  

Well let’s continue with the facts. Driven by the Government’s Construction Strategy 2011, BIM’s gaze is strongly fixed on reducing capital costs and carbon by 20%. This, enhanced by the government’s requirement for BIM to become mandatory on all of its projects by 2016 supports claims that BIM is ‘the future of the construction industry.’ Read more »

So, Green Deal & ECO implementation is in sight. January is upon us and the programme that will look to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s existing homes and buildings has almost arrived. Read more »

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