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Latest articles written by our insulation experts

Refurbishment can be a technically challenging area. The Celotex Technical Centre speaks to a wide range of customers every day – many of whom are looking for design advice around a refurbishment project.

Whether it is an architect working on a whole building refurbishment or a homeowner who is looking to upgrade the insulation in their own property, there is often a lot of confusion and even fear around topics such as moisture and condensation.

One area that we are often asked about is pitched roof refurbishment. When it is time to renew the roof covering, homeowners are often keen to take the opportunity to increase the thermal comfort of their home – especially if they have lived for many years in a property with little or no roof insulation.

In this blog we will look at some of the challenges of pitched roof insulation, touch upon some frequently asked questions and introduce an exciting new system – Celotex Rafter Gold. Read more »

2016 has been a busy year of change across the UK. Leicester City Football Club conquered all to win the 2015/16 Premier League title and now sitting down in 12th (sorry to any Leicester fans out there reading this, the only way is up!). The United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU and now Great British Bake Off is switching over to Channel 4. Some might argue these things are trivial in life, but to some, they’re important changes.



Lots of people visit our website every single month and we have over 110,000 Celotex Members’ signed up for access to our innovative digital tools, so it’s important that we let you know about what’s changed. Read more »

Cavity Wall full-fill Product Innovation for Celotex is shortlisted for The Building Awards 2016

As a company that leads the way in technological innovations, Celotex filled a huge gap in the market with the introduction of Celotex CF5000. Developed with a clear focus on maximising thermal efficiency with thinner solutions, the new and innovative CF5000 system gives architects, designers and specifiers the whole picture for full fill cavity wall applications.

Instead of choosing commercial value or performance, housebuilders using CF5000 can have both.

The industry challengeCelotex full fill insulation onsite

Cavity Wall (brick/block) is the predominant build method for the UK housing industry with 70% of 27.4 million homes built with cavity walls.

The change to Part L1a in 2013 (which sets the guidelines for new residential house builds) brought a second compliance metric, Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES).

As a result of these requirements the fabric of the building needed to be more robust, with better insulation, reduced air leakage and improved thermal bridging.

The ultimate goal: the homeowner to switch the heating on less.

Read more »

Tips on how to stop overheating in your home

Rob Warren features in his latest addition of The Bald Facts, this time with an overheating special. In ‘cool’ attire, Rob discusses some of the things you can do to prevent your home from getting too hot this summer. Check out the video and blog below to understand more.

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Since Late 2014 Celotex has launched several cutting edge products to the market. A prime example of an innovative product launched just recently, would be the Celotex FI5000 flooring Insulation, which offers a whole host of on site benefits for the installer, saving time & money. With every Celotex product launch, we always drive to understand our customers’ needs, investing the time to design insulation products that the market place is driving towards. New concrete soffit liner solution, Celotex SL5000 is another perfect example.

What is concrete soffit liner insulation?

Celotex SL5000 has redefined the approach to insulating concrete soffits.

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It is this time of year again, where we have tired and swollen feet from 3 fantastic days at Ecobuild!

Celotex rocked up to the largest construction show this week with the ‘…by Celotex‘ ranges of new innovation and showcased a striking display of fun, practical and educational features through augmented reality, touchscreen games and virtual reality. Among the colourful highlights of the ‘Flat is Back’ campaign we displayed our latest launch of the flat roofing range which comprises three products: Celotex Crown-Bond, Crown-Up and Crown-Fix.

In keeping with the show’s renown for innovation and interaction, the Celotex stand (E4064) offered visitors the chance to ‘Shoot, Share, Win’ in a wonderful social media competition. There was also an opportunity to meet a friendly team of experts from the Celotex Energy Assessment Service who were on hand to discuss visitors’ specific project requirements including advice on how SAP, BREEAM and Thermal Modelling amongst technical and project teams.

Our winner of £200 for Shoot.Share. Win. will be drawn at random next week, but in the mean time take a look and the wacky and wonderful volunteers (including a few staff) and let us know your favourite!

  • #flatisback - Celotex flat roofing insulation
  • #flatisback - Celotex flat roofing insulation
  • #flatisback - Celotex flat roofing insulation
  • #flatisback - Celotex flat roofing insulation