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Category Archives: Green Deal

Celotex Insulation Specialists ChristmasThe Route to Zero Carbon Celotex Webinar 2014 – What a Week!

What a cracker of a week we have had this week at Celotex! With Christmas just around the corner, Monday saw the start of some Christmas preparation and decoration, with our reception Christmas tree being put up by our lovely lady, Lin. Not to mention the annual pink lights sparkling above the entrance and shining on what would turn out to be a bright week.

Another highlight was the prestigious Construction Marketing Awards 2014 which happened Wednesday evening. We’ll be bringing out a blog shortly with some details on the superb results of this so keep your eyes peeled.

So, we move on to Thursday and the topic of this blog. What was so good about Thursday, I hear you ask? Well, not only is it a significant step in the right direction to the weekend, but it also brought ‘The Route to Zero Carbon’ Webinar, with Celotex and Ecobuild. With close to 700 registered and almost 400 live attendees seemingly engaged to the topic, the 2014 webinar was a successful feature to what has proven to be a busy year for Celotex. Phil Clark (chair) was joined by an expert panel from the Zero Carbon Hub, Celotex and H + H UK Ltd, to find out about the journey Zero Carbon has taken to date, where we are now and how we can achieve the Government’s 2016 target.

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There’s that famous quotation about lies and statistics and I’d be lying if I told you I knew who first said it, although give me enough guesses and statistically speaking I’d get it right, eventually.

That seems to be the trouble with ’stats’ – everyone knows they can be sneaky rascals and few trust them.  It’s a shame as some stats really tell a story and one such stat is as follows:

“Only 18% of the existing housing stock reaches A to C band”1

Why should this be a stat that matters? Read more »

The Green Deal. Remember that? It was launched as a Flagship Government Policy. Well, I say launched, there were no champagne bottles breaking on the side, no ticker tape parades and no big splash into the great sea of energy efficiency policies. No, it was described at the time as a ‘soft launch’.

Well, the soft launch clearly didn’t help the maiden voyage. The target of sleepless Greg to hit a number of Green Deal plans by the end of 2013 was missed. An early cash-back scheme worked for boilers and not much else and the key area to address – solid wall insulation, was left out in the cold.

So, the recent announcements about the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund offering an incentive of up to £7600 per property, with £6000 for internal or external wall insulation are warmly (pun intended) welcomed. However, will it kick start the Green Deal so it can float proudly on its own without the need for cash-back armbands? Will the public ever embrace the idea of a loan hanging over their property and believe that a higher EPC rating will really equal a higher selling price? Time will tell. Or perhaps, in reality, a change of Government will save Time the trouble.

Just can’t help thinking that a little more confidence and promotion of the Green Deal policy at the start would have been wise. If nobody knows the boat is sailing it’s hardly likely to be laden with passengers and few will care if it returns.

Will flying a £7600 flag up the mast be the answer? Perhaps, but what happens when that is lowered? A clearer long term marketing approach on the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of our homes is required or the Flagship will fade into a Ghost Ship.

Green Deal Infographic


What are the barriers to Sustainable Construction?

Increased cost

In the current climate where all regulations that put up costs for house builders are generally unwelcome, the fact that sustainability carries with it an extra cost is clearly going to be a barrier. Especially as this is not something that will be on the radar of the first time buyer and is unlikely to attract more customers or, just as importantly an extra premium, over those houses that are not as ‘sustainable’ Read more »

It started on the 1st October 2012 but is the Green Deal here to stay? There has been much debate over the policy itself and the level of engagement with the policy by the public. “You can’t give insulation away” is a cry that is often heard. Read more »