The winter is setting in and with all the energy prices rising, here are some top tips for better insulating your home and in the long run, saving you the pennies.

1. Curtains
Sounds simple enough, but ensuring you have big thick curtains in your house is a quick way to retain heat within a room. But don’t forget to open these in the day – make the most of the free heat from the sun (if there is some)!

 2. Draughty windows
Make sure that whether you have single or double glazed windows, there isn’t a draught coming through. Even the smallest of gaps can reduce the temperature of a room, therefore if you do feel a breeze, you can seal these up with self adhesive foam strips that go around your windows.

 3. Extra clothing
In the words of David Cameron, ‘wear a jumper’. As much as this seems like a daft statement from the head of the country, by replacing a thin cardie for a big winter jumper, or even the untouched onesie you got last Christmas, layering up can save on energy bills and keep yourself toastie.

 4. Fill the gaps
Letter boxes, cat or dog flaps and keyholes are some of the contributions to a chilling breeze in your home. You can solve this with a simple cover for the letter box, keyhole cover and line the edges of the cat flap with strips of old blanket or material, you can plug the gust. However, make sure you don’t block the cat flap completely, as you don’t want to leave your kitty out in the cold!

 5. Make your own draught excluders
Learn from the thrifty generation and make your own draught excluders using old tights stuffed with material or socks and use to block the gap of the door and floor. There is room to be more adventurous by sewing from a scrap piece of material or old clothing (e.g. the sleeve of an old coat) and filling with stuffing, rice, lentils or sand.

 6. Expose the forgotten radiator
After a much longer than expected summer, the radiator may have been forgotten, however with the turn of the weather now set for the colder months, rearrange your furniture to expose the full radiator for the heat to circulate the room more effectively. It can be tempting to push your most loved chair right up against it, but giving it some space will avoid the heat being absorbed by the furniture.

 7. Shut doors
Simple enough thing to do is close the doors to rooms you are not using and saving the heat for the ones you do!

 8. Rugs
Did you know: floors account for 10% of heat lost when not insulated (NEF), therefore without having to splash out on a new woolly carpet, get a rug for the tiled, wooden or laminated floors in your house. It will help keep the room warmer and be nicer on your feet first thing in the morning!

9. Put your heating on a timer
It is a myth (or a clever tactic of the energy companies) that keeping your heating on all day is better than switching it on when it gets cold. However, by utilising the timer settings, you can set it to come on earlier and slowly warm up the house instead of blasting it with heat, ultimately saving your money spent on bills and avoids making your house leap from the Arctic to the Sahara!

10 Top Celotex Insulation Tips to Stay Warm This Winter


10. Most importantly, insulate your home!

Roofs account for 25% of heat lost in houses (EST) therefore by insulating your loft, you can be a lot warmer while saving money!

This has the association as an expensive option as you would need to bring in the professionals; however this isn’t always the case! Celotex insulation boards are simple and easy to fit, not to mention the CG5000 and CW4000 boards are specifically designed to fit through your loft hatch. Ensuring you wear all the protective gear required when fitting insulation, you have a quick and effective way of reducing your energy bills and keeping your house warmer this winter!

The coming months are set to be cold ones, so get going on the top 10 ways to keep your home warm and save yourself some money!

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