Update – IMPORTANT: On 23 June 2017, in view of the focus on components of rainscreen cladding systems, Celotex stopped the supply of Celotex RS5000, pending further clarity.  RS5000 remains suspended. Celotex do not currently supply a solution for buildings over 18 metres.

In December 2017 we identified a compliance issue relating to our calculation and testing of the lambda value of products in our 4000 and 5000 range and the Crown-Bond and Crown-Fix products within Crown Flat Roofing range. Material such as product downloads & specifications is for information only.

On 30 January 2018, Celotex made a further public announcement in relation to the full system testing of RS5000 pursuant to BS8414:2.  The announcement can be read here

IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). In addition, we have recently identified a compliance issue relating to our calculation and testing of the declared lambda value of products in the 4000 and 5000 ranges and the Crown-Bond and Crown-Fix products within the Crown Flat Roofing range. Due to this issue, the suspension of the 5000 range will continue and now includes the FI5000 and GD5000 products. Materials relating to the 5000 range products are for information only. Please note that all products in the TB4000, GA4000 below 100mm, PL4000 and CW4000 ranges manufactured after 15 December 2017 will be marketed from January as Celotex 3000 with a declared lambda value of 0.023 W/mK.

Please use the link below to read our full statement regarding declared lambda:

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Please use the link below to read our latest statement regarding Class 0:

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Celotex launches two new innovative products!

At our headquarters in Hadleigh, Suffolk, our growing team of insulation experts pride themselves in manufacturing innovative solutions for a range of applications in the construction industry. Over the past two years, we have introduced exciting new application solutions including Celotex RS5000, a rainscreen cladding product and more recently, in 2015, Celotex CF5000, our full fill cavity wall solution. We are also leading innovators with our services too, introducing the new and improved U-value Calculator as well as thermal bridging models to the Celotex Members Area.

Today, we announce the release of two new additions to our ‘best-in-class’ performance 0.021 W/mK lambda range. Celotex FI5000, a premium performance flooring solution suitable for concrete slab, beam and block, suspended timber and underfloor heating applications PLUS Celotex SL5000, a specialist concrete soffit liner solution. Both with enhanced thermal performance and installation benefits, saving time and money on-site.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s tell you a little more about these new product additions.

The flooring insulation solution – Celotex FI5000

Celotex Flooring Insulation for concrete slab, beam & block, suspended timber & underfloor heating

Increasingly, thermal performance has become a critical element of modern floor design as specifiers strive to minimise downward heat loss in dwellings. In order to meet the demands of current Building Regulations, designers must address the key issues of thermal transmittance, thermal bridging and thermal mass. These must be addressed in a way that is sympathetic and compliments the traditional design goals of floors; structural performance, resistance to the passage of sound and resistance to moisture.

Celotex FI5000 is a premium performance flooring insulation solution, suitable for concrete slab floors, beam and block floors, suspended timber floors and underfloor heating floor applications. FI5000 provides thermal performance benefits and has been designed with installation efficiency in mind. Featuring a super low lambda of 0.021W/mK, FI5000 achieves compliance to UK Building Regulations with better U-values and thinner solutions.

Celotex FI5000, premium performance flooring solutionCelotex FI5000 combines best in class PIR insulation with an innovative composite facer featuring a built-in vapour control layer (VCL), enabling direct screed or cement, without the need for an additional separating layer. This saves the installer time during installation as well as material savings, eliminating the requirement for an additional membrane layer. To create the required separating layer before screed/cement is applied, simply tape the board joints. Celotex insulation will do the trick!

Celotex FI5000 also features an enhanced compressive strength value of ≥175 kPa, making it the ideal solution for a range of flooring applications!

Save time and specify Celotex FI5000.

The concrete soffit liner insulation solution – Celotex SL5000Celotex Concrete Soffit Liner Insulation

Not one product but two! Premium performance Celotex SL5000 in a concrete soffit liner application enables specifers and installers to achieve enhanced thermal performance as well as aesthetic benefits, future proofing the building.

Celotex SL5000 utilises thermal performance properties of Celotex PIR insulation bonded with a 6mm layer of calcium silicate to provide additional fire performance. Featuring a super low lambda value of 0.021 W/mK, SL5000 ensures Regulatory compliance is achieved with minimal insulation thicknesses.

Celotex SL5000 provides on-site benefits too, significantly reducing installation times due to the insulation and calcium silicate being supplied as one product. SL5000 is suitable for direct fixing or indirect (via treated timber battens) fixing with all installation advice and guidance available via the concrete soffit liner specification guide. Download now. Delivering greater impact resistance compared to exposed insulation systems, SL5000 provides a decorative finish with no need for on-site decorating. SL5000 is also supported by the Celotex Technical Centre and Thermal Bridging Models.

For more information on either of these new exciting products, visit celotex.co.uk or contact the Celotex Technical Centre via email: technical@celotex.co.uk or phone: 01473 820850 (lines open weekdays 9am – 5.15pm).

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These products are available now, nationwide.