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Latest articles written by our insulation experts

Celotex Insulating Scotland Roadshow may have ended but its impact on the Scottish construction industry will last long after the insulation specialist’s pink campervan arrives home at the company HQ in Suffolk.

On 28th September, the campervan branded in Celotex pink and carrying a team of insulation specialists headed to Scotland to spread the word of products and services that can assist compliance to new Scottish Building Regulations. Throughout the two-week campaign, Celotex delivered a series of technical clinics at venues across the beautiful Scottish landscape and visited customers along the way. Check out the journey below….

Celotex in Scotland

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Insulating Scotland 2015 – Celotex Insulation Roadshow

Back by popular demand, the Celotex roadshow takes to the streets once more. Following the success of our 2014 Insulating Britain Campaign which saw a Celotex pink double decker bus touring England and Wales teaching over 2500 industry professionals the new UK Building Regulations, Celotex are back again, only this time with something a little more quirky.

Insulation specialist Celotex is set to launch its ‘Insulating Scotland’ campaign in spectacular fashion on 28th September when the company’s custom designed campervan begins a Scotland roadshow. Taking to the road in innovative style, Celotex insulation will be spreading the word of products and services that can assist compliance to new Scottish Building Regulations.

Celotex Insulating Scotland

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IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). Materials relating to these products are for information only.

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What is a cavity wall?

The cavity wall as the name suggests consists of two masonry walls with separated by a clear cavity.  By design the wall resists wind driven rain soaked up by the outer leaf migrating onto the inner surfaces. The width of the cavity has gradually got wider as the years have gone by and in the 1970’s insulation was introduced into the cavity with it becoming compulsory in Building Regulations during the 1990’s.

As part of ‘Factors shaping and driving insulation choice for masonry cavity walls’ I explained how the following impact insulation choice.

  • Compliance to Part L1A 2013 and FEES as part of SAP.
  • Approved Document C part 2.
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Members’ Area Hints and Tips: The U-value Calculator

The Celotex U-value Calculator is one of the most comprehensive online calculators in the industry and is used by thousands of small to large architects and specifiers all over the country. So for this reason we have we have just made this bigger and better for our users to improve your experience.

You can create detailed U-value calculations in pdf format, instantly with the click of a few buttons at Celotex.co.uk.

New Celotex U-value Calculator

Firstly, log in to your Members Area, click on the U-value calculator icon.

Step 1

If you have an existing incomplete calculation, you can choose to carry on by locating this in the list at the bottom, or…. if you are starting a new calculation, choose your construction type and press continue.

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IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). Materials relating to these products are for information only.

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Influencing factors shaping and driving insulation choice for full fill cavity wall

CF5000_0002 (FINAL)

Today sees the launch of Celotex CF5000, a brand new full fill cavity wall solution from Celotex, and so it seems right to look at the influencing factors that drive the insulation choice for this specific application.

Part L1A and FEES

Over the last ten years there have been a number of successive changes to Approved Document Part L1A. Part L1A is concerned with how much energy a new residential building uses and such has a direct impact on the fabric of the building and its ability to conserve energy.

The most recent changes in 2013 included a new metric called FEES. This focuses on improving the fabric of the building to reduce energy consumption or in layman’s terms how often you switch your heating on.  The introduction of FEES meant new homes built in England require a stronger fabric performance to comply with SAP.

SAP compliance is a requirement of Part L1A

So what is FEES?

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IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). Materials relating to these products are for information only.

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This post aims to cover what a vapour control layer is, why it’s important and when it’s applicable to roof and floor applications.

  • *Note: Since the creation of this post, Celotex GS5000 has been replaced with Celotex GD5000.

So a little while ago we featured an acronym blog, revealing the ins and outs of our industry acronyms. This time, we are talking about another vital construction component called a vapour control layer or a VCL.

At Celotex and within our bustling technical department, our advisors are regularly asked questions relating to the VCL. What is it? What does it do? Am I using it the right way? With this in mind, our technical advisors featured a VCL Technical Twitter Takeover, which is a monthly opportunity for Tweeters to ask our Celotex Technical Centre a question or query using the hashtag #AskCelotex, hosted a VCL special.

This seems like a good time to crack on with a few questions.

What is a vapour control layer (VCL)?

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Young, Suffolk-based Entrepreneurs Graduate From Enterprise Academy

An enthusiastic group of teenage entrepreneurs graduated last month at the Eastern Enterprise Hub as part of the Enterprise Academy; a pioneering programme that helps young people from ONE college to create their own opportunities not only in business, but in employment as well.

The programme, which runs both at the EEHub Ipswich office and Suffolk ONE, consists of practical learning support in the form of engaging business sessions, taking place three times a week. The event saw 14 young entrepreneurs presenting to guests about their time on the projects, as well as networking and discussing future plans with EEHub board members and other business professionals.

Digby Chacksfield, CEO at the Eastern Enterprise Hub said:

Its wonderful to see that an enthusiastic bunch of young entrepreneurs have today graduated from our Enterprise Academy, which has again proven to be a rewarding partnership between the EEHub and ONE. Having the confidence to pitch their business ideas and experiences to their peers and EEHub partners, board members and staff is key to setting up a company and having the courage and determination to make it a success.”

A range of local businesses including Celotex, Ipswich Town and Waterfront, Kingsfleet Wealth, Inspiring Aspiring, Ormiston Families, Ashton KCJ, Willis, Lloyds Bank and Studio Luxe Photography provided projects.

Celotex provided two young talented entrepreneurs with an innovative project that tested creativity, communication and analysis. It was brilliant to see such enthusiasm towards the subject area and produced a professional and enlightening project outcome.

These varied from finding and presenting research on how to recruit more young people, to helping to improve client relationships and have helped to enhance the students’ understanding of enterprise and to develop the skills employers are looking for.

Leon Ali, Enterprise Academy graduate said:

“Enterprise Academy has been a great experience; I’ve learnt a lot and it’s something new and positive to add to my CV. Meeting new people whilst taking part in my project was exciting and challenging but in a good way. I left my comfort zone and achieved a lot – I would definitely recommend it to other students.” 

If you would like to find out more about the Enterprise Academy, or any of the other Eastern Enterprise Hub programmes, please visit their website www.eehub.co.uk or call 01473 527100.

Celotex and Eastern Enterprise Hub

Top 5 Celotex Website Changes

Believe it or not the first ever web page on the internet went live almost 24 years ago, and it certainly wouldn’t have looked like the websites that are available online now. As technology has advanced, so too have websites, which is why, here at Celotex, we are constantly looking to improve the functionality of our site. Celotex.co.uk is the central platform of all information relating to the Celotex, from company and Regulatory news, new product information plus our full range of literature available for free download. As time has passed we have also introduced the Celotex Member’s Area, providing visitors with their own e-portal where data is project specific.

So, let’s talk about some of the newer features of the Celotex website that you might not know existed.

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Celotex takes its message to Housing 2015

Celotex will be exhibiting at this year’s Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Conference on stand G21. The biggest and best attended event in the UK’s social and affordable housing sector, Housing 2015 provides a perfect platform for Celotex to demonstrate its market-leading range of PIR insulation solutions.

Held at Manchester Central from 23rd – 25th June, the three-day conference and exhibition brings together housing associations, ALMOs and Local Authorities. With more contacts, speakers and delegates than any other housing event in the UK, the event is expected to attract over 7,000 industry specific visitors from all elements of the supply chain.

As well as over 300 exhibitors, the event will welcome more than 100 speakers to lead panel discussions, debates and interactive workshops. Head of Technical at Celotex, Rob Warren, will be delivering one of the event’s 50 free seminars with his presentation ‘5 steps to maximise thermal comfort in housing’ – held at Central 7 at 1pm on Tuesday 23rd.

“Changes to the Building Regulations bring with them challenges to achieving compliance for those looking to provide new build social housing,” explains Rob Warren. “This session will highlight the key elements of fabric design that will allow you to hit your compliance targets and deliver housing stock that provides a thermally comfortable environment for the householders.”

As a regular exhibitor and contributor at industry events, Celotex will once again use the CIH 2015 conference and exhibition to communicate with architects, specifiers, contractors and end users alike and help them on their route to new standards of energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Register here for the CIH Housing Event and come for a chat on stand G21. You will be more than welcome.

Celotex Insulation at CIH Housing 2015

Sizing up Zero Carbon

With election time approaching there will be much concern about size. Size of the deficit. Size of the tax hike/cut. Size of the turnout. Size of the swing required in marginal seats. Size of a cow. OK. Perhaps not the last one. I just threw that in there because I quite liked the song and it talks about blowing up problems out of proportion which is quite fitting when it comes to Zero Carbon.

The proportions of the Zero Carbon policy are vast. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the setting of Zero Carbon policy has been such a saga that it could come with a foreword by Tolkien. The size question has arisen because the idea of reducing carbon to zero is quite an attractive one. It looks good, sounds good and helps to save the planet. All great if, as a Government, you are trying to show how green you are and just how much you care about climate change targets. Read more »