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Latest articles written by our insulation experts

IMPORTANT: On 1 September 2017, Celotex took the precautionary measure to temporarily suspend the supply of Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 while we investigate the results of recent tests (Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476). Materials relating to these products are for information only.

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IMPORTANT: On 23 June 2017, in view of the focus on components of rainscreen cladding systems, Celotex stopped the supply of Celotex RS5000, pending further clarity. Material such as product downloads & specifications is for information only. Celotex do not currently supply a solution for buildings over 18 metres.

For latest statements and information on RS5000 and rainscreen cladding applications please see our dedicated site > inform.celotex.co.uk

It’s been a busy and productive year at Celotex, with production on the rise and good weather seeing us busy right up to Christmas. Here are 14 (see what we did there) of Celotex’ highlights from 2014!

1. Insulating Britain

The Insulating Britain campaign simplified the changes to the UK Building Regulations and how they impacted the industry. The roadshow was a huge success with our campaign stretching the length and breadth of the country, reaching out to key Celotex Insulation Specialists Insulating Britainindustry leaders while turning a few heads along the way. The journey enabled Celotex to provide architects, specifiers, distributors, merchants and contractors with the latest updates and information on how to simplify compliance as well as provide expert advice and guidance.

If you missed the campaign, don’t worry, all the information is still available on our Insulating Britain website. And in addition it’s not too late to book a CPD on the Part L and Section 6 changes. Book a CPD now.

2. All Aboard! The Celotex Bus.

So, let’s get a bit more specific. Insulating Britain involved a roadshow, but what did that involve? Well, it was quite literally a show on the road. In March of 2014 Celotex toured the UK on a double decker bus, stopping at 50 major towns and cities over the course of 3 months, with one aim; to educate the industry on the Building Regulation changes that came into force. The Celotex Insulating Britain Roadshow started at Ecobuild running through to late May, and was a roaring success. If you missed the tour, don’t worry! We have a whole host of photographs on our media gallery and you can recap the journey.

3. EcoBuild 2014

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The Quest to define Zero Carbon has been going on for so long that it wouldn’t surprise me if the final regulation comes with a foreword by Tolkien.

The twists and turns in the plot are worthy of Middle Earth. Although of the two tales, the quest to destroy The Ring is in my view, far easier. Why? Well, Mount Doom (the final destination for those of you not familiar with the Lord of the Rings) stayed put. Didn’t move. Just sat there and said “I’m here – do your worst”. OK, generally mountains aren’t very chatty but as the trees (Ents) strolled around talking anything is possible in Middle Earth.

Can we say the same for the final destination for Zero Carbon? Not really. The Target tends to move. Flits about at the whim of politicians. Hides behind terms like ‘Allowable Solutions’. Sometimes includes the carbon from white goods sometimes not. Generally it’s a pretty tough task to pin it down and only the really keen continue to fight the good fight, while most just give it up as a couple of buzzwords that don’t really matter much in the real world anyway.

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Celotex Technical Team Member Rob Firman

My name is Rob Firman and I’m a new member of the Celotex Technical Centre team. I joined the company following technical roles at a roofing systems manufacturer and a storage tank manufacturer. I have had some experience of insulation in the past so realise insulation is much more than the ‘fluffy stuff’ that sits in your loft. However, in my initial weeks with the company I have undergone a thorough and intensive training programme to allow me to ‘know insulation inside and out’. Throughout this time I have learnt many things about Celotex Insulation and PIR insulation in general. With this in mind I have used my blogging debut to share my ‘top 5 things I didn’t know about insulation’.

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_MG_5817How the year has flown and it’s December already! It ’tis the season to be jolly and what better way to kick off December festivities than by attending the 2014 Construction Marketing Awards which is always a good night and a great round up of the year. We celebrated this year’s event with a win and a highly commended!

The Insulating Britain campaign that has run over the course of the year was supported with a range of social media of which we naturally entered into the category ‘best use of social media’.

Supported with a fully integrated campaign comprising PR, advertising, email marketing and social media, we wanted the campaign to engage with customers face to face by talking to them, not selling to them. By identifying a social media campaign as the ideal way to communicate with peers, customers and potential consumers, it also helped to spread the company’s message in a more relaxed and conversational way.

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Celotex Insulation Specialists ChristmasThe Route to Zero Carbon Celotex Webinar 2014 – What a Week!

What a cracker of a week we have had this week at Celotex! With Christmas just around the corner, Monday saw the start of some Christmas preparation and decoration, with our reception Christmas tree being put up by our lovely lady, Lin. Not to mention the annual pink lights sparkling above the entrance and shining on what would turn out to be a bright week.

Another highlight was the prestigious Construction Marketing Awards 2014 which happened Wednesday evening. We’ll be bringing out a blog shortly with some details on the superb results of this so keep your eyes peeled.

So, we move on to Thursday and the topic of this blog. What was so good about Thursday, I hear you ask? Well, not only is it a significant step in the right direction to the weekend, but it also brought ‘The Route to Zero Carbon’ Webinar, with Celotex and Ecobuild. With close to 700 registered and almost 400 live attendees seemingly engaged to the topic, the 2014 webinar was a successful feature to what has proven to be a busy year for Celotex. Phil Clark (chair) was joined by an expert panel from the Zero Carbon Hub, Celotex and H + H UK Ltd, to find out about the journey Zero Carbon has taken to date, where we are now and how we can achieve the Government’s 2016 target.

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Acronyms here. Acronyms there. Acronyms pretty much everywhere. It seems like you never have to go far in the world before you stumble across a sequence of letters that seemingly make little sense without knowledge of the topic. Very often though, they are important and need to be understood fully in order to grasp and talk confidently about industry specifics. So, if you are in the construction industry, and someone is asking what’s your SAP? How good is your U-value? Or have you done a SBEM calculation? You will have a heads up on what some of those mean and their importance.

This month’s Celotex Technical Twitter Takeover looked to point you in the right direction giving you an insight in to some of the various different acronyms and key terms that are present in the construction industry. From R-values to BREEAM, this brief blog runs through some of those terms that you might not have discovered yet.

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There’s that famous quotation about lies and statistics and I’d be lying if I told you I knew who first said it, although give me enough guesses and statistically speaking I’d get it right, eventually.

That seems to be the trouble with ’stats’ – everyone knows they can be sneaky rascals and few trust them.  It’s a shame as some stats really tell a story and one such stat is as follows:

“Only 18% of the existing housing stock reaches A to C band”1

Why should this be a stat that matters? Read more »

Update – IMPORTANT: On 23 June 2017, in view of the focus on components of rainscreen cladding systems, Celotex stopped the supply of Celotex RS5000, pending further clarity.  RS5000 remains suspended. Celotex do not currently supply a solution for buildings over 18 metres.

In December 2017 we identified a compliance issue relating to our calculation and testing of the lambda value of products in our 4000 and 5000 range and the Crown-Bond and Crown-Fix products within Crown Flat Roofing range. Material such as product downloads & specifications is for information only.

On 30 January 2018, Celotex made a further public announcement in relation to the full system testing of RS5000 pursuant to BS8414:2.  The announcement can be read here

Celotex visits the Roofing Cladding and Insulation ShowTargeting the roofing, cladding and insulation industry ranging through specification to completion and everything in between, Celotex attended the RCI Show 2014 bringing an impactful stand and a great Celotex team to assist the visitors of the event.

Research from Unity Media decided the time was right to organise a brand new show and one that the roofing, cladding and insulation industry deserves. Taking this research on board, RCI Magazine decided to organise an event specifically for these industries and credit to them.

The Event

Come Wednesday, the opening morning, Ricoh Arena was at full capacity with some of the industry’s leading specialists in roofing, cladding and insulation all exhibiting with some very impressive stands on offer. Celotex were raring to go with the team all briefed and excited by the prospects of day one at the RCI Show. The day brought some great conversations with many enquiries about our latest rainscreen cladding product, Celotex RS5000, which we were able to showcase in a brand new life-sized build up installation, seen alongside two of our other large installations for the pitched roof and cavity wall. People were also able to pick up some literature and chat to our technical guys about detailed enquiries while nibbling on some sweets from our famous sweet cart. Either that or stocking up on sweets for Halloween on Friday…

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The topic up for debate at the recent Round Table event at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre was ‘Zero Carbon – a lost cause?’ and it certainly provoked much discussion. At the table were many of the key players who were either involved in the creation of the original Zero Carbon definition, or charged with delivering it, in the form of the creation of construction products or the creation of the actual Zero Carbon houses themselves.

So, why so much debate?

The key problem with a discussion about Zero Carbon is that the target is still far from clear.

It has moved a long way from the initial ideas set out by the Labour Government in their consultation paper of 2006 ‘Building a Greener Future’ where it was stated that “Zero carbon means that, over a year, the net carbon emissions from energy use in the home would be zero”.

This original definition included all the energy, including that from non-regulated energy (white goods).  Since then, this has changed and only regulated energy (space heating and cooling, fixed lighting and ventilation) needs to be accounted for when building a Zero Carbon home. So, not really true zero carbon but at least this ties in with the way in which energy use in buildings is normally assessed through the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Code for Sustainable Homes.

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As the UK market leader in premium performance PIR insulation solutions, Celotex remains the insulation specialist of choice. We put a great deal of commitment in to ensuring our customers have a high quality product that is in compliance with evolving Building Regulations, helping you achieve better U-values and thinner solutions. Here at Celotex we often get asked, ‘how can I buy Celotex?’, so this brief blog points you in the right direction.

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