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Celotex Supports Cold Homes Week

Cold Homes Week Celotex

Cold Homes Week, 2-6 February, gives focus to the important and neglected issue of fuel poverty which has a firm grasp of England. According to statistics from the Energy Bill Revolution (the hosts of this campaign) there are 7 million people suffering from fuel poverty in England, a figure that has seen increase over recent years.

This year proves to be a big year from the political perspective with a fast approaching election on the horizon that will shape the future of the United Kingdom. Currently, the Government defines fuel poverty as those spending 10% or more of their annual income on heating their home to an adequate level. The Cold Homes Week campaign aims to tackle this issue head on, raising awareness of fuel poverty and those affected as well as encouraging MPs to support the campaign.
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There’s that famous quotation about lies and statistics and I’d be lying if I told you I knew who first said it, although give me enough guesses and statistically speaking I’d get it right, eventually.

That seems to be the trouble with ’stats’ – everyone knows they can be sneaky rascals and few trust them.  It’s a shame as some stats really tell a story and one such stat is as follows:

“Only 18% of the existing housing stock reaches A to C band”1

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