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The term ‘London Plan‘ is popping up more and more in London construction but how well understood is it? In simple terms, the concept stems from the requirement and responsibility of three key stakeholders to the City of London; The Mayor of London, the 32 London Boroughs and The City of London Corporation. The London Plan itself looks at tackling economic, transport, social and environmental challenges such as climate change and its consequences. The aim is that a strong plan to overcome these challenges provides very real business benefits and opportunities as a result of becoming a world leader in these areas.

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Sizing up Zero Carbon

With election time approaching there will be much concern about size. Size of the deficit. Size of the tax hike/cut. Size of the turnout. Size of the swing required in marginal seats. Size of a cow. OK. Perhaps not the last one. I just threw that in there because I quite liked the song and it talks about blowing up problems out of proportion which is quite fitting when it comes to Zero Carbon.

The proportions of the Zero Carbon policy are vast. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the setting of Zero Carbon policy has been such a saga that it could come with a foreword by Tolkien. The size question has arisen because the idea of reducing carbon to zero is quite an attractive one. It looks good, sounds good and helps to save the planet. All great if, as a Government, you are trying to show how green you are and just how much you care about climate change targets. Read more »

Zeroing in on Part L in 2015

The New Year is well and truly here and the visit from Santa (assuming you have all been good of course) is but a distant memory as 2015 stretches out in front of us.  So, what joys await the wonderful world of construction? Or more precisely, what regulatory challenges do we face?

Given that buildings account for 45% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, policy tweaks to tackle this challenge are never far away and 2015 is no exception with more work to do on Part L, The Conservation of Fuel and Power.

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Celotex Insulation Specialists ChristmasThe Route to Zero Carbon Celotex Webinar 2014 – What a Week!

What a cracker of a week we have had this week at Celotex! With Christmas just around the corner, Monday saw the start of some Christmas preparation and decoration, with our reception Christmas tree being put up by our lovely lady, Lin. Not to mention the annual pink lights sparkling above the entrance and shining on what would turn out to be a bright week.

Another highlight was the prestigious Construction Marketing Awards 2014 which happened Wednesday evening. We’ll be bringing out a blog shortly with some details on the superb results of this so keep your eyes peeled.

So, we move on to Thursday and the topic of this blog. What was so good about Thursday, I hear you ask? Well, not only is it a significant step in the right direction to the weekend, but it also brought ‘The Route to Zero Carbon’ Webinar, with Celotex and Ecobuild. With close to 700 registered and almost 400 live attendees seemingly engaged to the topic, the 2014 webinar was a successful feature to what has proven to be a busy year for Celotex. Phil Clark (chair) was joined by an expert panel from the Zero Carbon Hub, Celotex and H + H UK Ltd, to find out about the journey Zero Carbon has taken to date, where we are now and how we can achieve the Government’s 2016 target.

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There’s that famous quotation about lies and statistics and I’d be lying if I told you I knew who first said it, although give me enough guesses and statistically speaking I’d get it right, eventually.

That seems to be the trouble with ’stats’ – everyone knows they can be sneaky rascals and few trust them.  It’s a shame as some stats really tell a story and one such stat is as follows:

“Only 18% of the existing housing stock reaches A to C band”1

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