Insulation is arguably the most vital contribution to the comfort and thermal efficiency of your home, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. Without it you would consume huge amounts of energy to heat and cool your house, and this as we all know, costs a lot of money.

As the brand leader in the UK’s largest category of insulation, Celotex PIR provides one of the most effective, thermally efficient insulation solutions to the UK construction market.

What is PIR and why is it the best choice?

PIR (polyisocyanurate) is made by blending a number of materials together to form a rigid foam product. The heat generated during the reaction allows the gases to evaporate and become trapped within cells, delivering premium thermal performance features. The foam is then positioned between two foil facers which differ depending on the end use application.

10 key points why Celotex PIR is better than other insulants

1. Celotex thermal performance – Whilst the typical lambda value of PIR is 0.023W/mK, Celotex’ innovative technology now offers an improved thermal performance of 0.021W/mK on its FR5000 and CG5000 products.

2. Low emissivity – The aluminium foil facers that cover the Celotex products are approved by third party test houses. In applications where a cavity air space is present such as a partial-fill cavity wall, this means that within the U-value calculation you can claim higher thermal value for the airspace.

3. Multiple applications – Our insulation boards provide optimal solutions for all insulations applications: floor, wall, pitched and flat roofing.

4. Thickness range – From as thin as 12mm right through to 200mm, Celotex PIR is available in a thickness range unrivalled by any other PIR provider.

5. Environmental impact – We were the first manufacturer of PIR insulation to achieve an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

6. Fire performance – PIR insulation is made through an irreversible chemical reaction which means it cannot melt. We were the first PIR manufacturer to have Class O rated products – FR5000 and CG5000 – in our range.

7. Moisture resistance – Celotex, due to having a closed cell structure, is a hydrophobic product meaning it doesn’t absorb water. This allows the thermal performance and reliability of the product to be retained over time.

8. Structural strength – Celotex is the preferred choice of PIR insulation because it has an intrinsic structural strength. The core stops the product from sagging, and it can also cope with light foot traffic or loading.

9. Weight – Based on 100mm product, Celotex PIR is over 10% lighter than phenolic insulation.

10. Life expectancy – As Celotex products don’t sag, absorb moisture or get permeated by air, you can be confident of consistent performance which will typically last the full lifetime of the building.

10 Advantages of Celotex PIR Insulation

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