Three months on from our previous insight into Building Information Modelling, have the signs that BIM will become part of the specification process a lot earlier come to fruition?  

Well let’s continue with the facts. Driven by the Government’s Construction Strategy 2011, BIM’s gaze is strongly fixed on reducing capital costs and carbon by 20%. This, enhanced by the government’s requirement for BIM to become mandatory on all of its projects by 2016 supports claims that BIM is ‘the future of the construction industry.’

Another thing’s for sure, the industry interest in BIM is ever-growing. 39% of respondents from the National BIM Report 2013 confirmed that they were currently using BIM.

BIM’s aspiration to provide a process for the construction industry to work collaboratively, along with its ability to cut project costs by foreseeing and eliminating any errors in design secures BIM a bright and prosperous future in this current economic climate.

As of today we are the first PIR manufacturer to launch our entire product range as BIM objects. We have partnered with The NBS National BIM Library who have created and now host all of our high performance insulation solutions Not only that, but our objects are available in all major software formats and are IFC compatible, enabling us to offer a broader specification service.

Back in January we understood BIM’s requirement for collaboration within the construction industry, and as a result have recognised the opportunity, competitive advantage and added value that BIM offers. We also understood the crucial need for manufacturer cooperation, and as a result are now ‘BIM ready’.