With 26% of heat lost in a house departing through the roof, never before has effective thermal insulation been so important. Now is the time to give your loft insulation a facelift, but what is your best option?

Celotex FR5000 offers a solution. Through ongoing product innovation and breakthrough design, FR5000 represents pioneering progression within the PIR industry. It has lower thermal conductivity value (0.021W/mK) compared with other typical PIR insulation boards, providing enhanced thermal performance, better U-values and is suitable for a range of applications.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to insulate with Celotex FR5000 at ceiling level. It’s also worth mentioning that Celotex can be used to top up insulation levels in a horizontal ceiling when mineral wool exists between the joists.

  1. Make sure the loft space is well ventilated and eaves vents are left clear.
  2. Ensure ceilings are strong enough to withstand loadings associated with insulation.
  3. To minimise air leakage and heat lost around the loft hatch, seal the edges with draught seals and mechanically fix Celotex FR5000 to the inside of the hatch.
  4. Accurately measure the width to be filled between the inside face of the joists, prior to cutting the board.
  5. Use the Celotex Insulation Saw to cut the Celotex board at a slight angle, making the board width slightly oversized on one surface to achieve a ‘friction fit’.
  6. Push the board into the void between the joists until it is resting on the ceiling board.
  7. Where existing insulation between the joists is to be retained, make sure it is in good condition with no signs of sagging.
  8. Celotex is laid directly over the joists as a continuous layer.
  9. For maximum strength, Celotex FR5000 should be laid in the opposite direction to that of the ceiling joists. Ensure boards are laid across a minimum of two joists.
  10. Board joints should be tightly butted and supported on a joist.
  11. Celotex FR5000 is then mechanically fixed to the joists with suitable fixings.

Insulating your loft correctly is a simple and effective way to save money, and by choosing a Celotex solution you’ll find that the long-lasting insulation will pay for itself over and over again. Find out more about how to use Celotex FR5000 for improving your loft insulation.