The term ‘London Plan‘ is popping up more and more in London construction but how well understood is it? In simple terms, the concept stems from the requirement and responsibility of three key stakeholders to the City of London; The Mayor of London, the 32 London Boroughs and The City of London Corporation. The London Plan itself looks at tackling economic, transport, social and environmental challenges such as climate change and its consequences. The aim is that a strong plan to overcome these challenges provides very real business benefits and opportunities as a result of becoming a world leader in these areas.

The London Plan and Construction

While there are other aspects to the London Plan that are also important to those functioning within the construction industry, it is perhaps the climate change consideration in Chapter 5 that is of primary interest. Within the Plan, The Mayor of London shows full commitment to ensuring a ‘low carbon future’ for the London economy and in overcoming the challenge of climate change. Among other things, it looks at the materials which are used during the process of construction and minimising use of such materials where possible while maximising efficiency.

A requirement of the London Plan was for all major developments to exceed current building regulations in emission target by 35%. As of October 2016, on top of this requirement, all major residential developments must be ‘Zero Carbon‘ through a cash in lieu contribution to the relevant London Borough. These contributions are expected to be ring fenced to secure the delivery of carbon dioxide savings elsewhere.

The policies laid out within the Plan cover climate change mitigation & adaptation, waste, aggregates, contaminated land and hazardous substances.

You can download the plan here.

Energy Assessments

The London Plan indicates that every major development proposal should be accompanied by an energy assessment which demonstrates exactly how the carbon emission reductions will be made within the energy hierarchy. We have a growing team of experienced Celotex energy assessors who can help you with calculations and information to assist you in ensuring that you to ensure you are compliant on the London Plan Policies. We are flexible to your approach. Energy Assessments …by Celotex provide assistance so you can develop a solid energy strategy than can work towards cutting both carbon and project costs.

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