So, after a wait of 459 days since the Part L 2013 consultation closed, we finally have a response, of sorts, from DCLG in the form of statement to the House of Lords.

The response was issued for ‘key external partners who are seeking clarity on the issue’.

The Governments definition of ‘clarity’ is interesting. Clarity would have been best served by issuing the final Approved Document and Impact Assessment. That was clearly too much to ask even after 321 working days have been and gone.

No, instead we have a statement with some headline numbers for Domestic (6%) and Non domestic (9%) reduction in CO2 over 2010 standards.

Before you dust off your yellowing paper copy or search your computer archive files, don’t bother, as neither of those figures was in the original consultation document.

So, not really the clarity we hoped for that would allow analysis of worked examples, costs and the formulation of business plans to invest in the construction world, post Part L 2013.

There is a mention of the introduction ‘a new target for Fabric Energy Efficiency’. Great for fans of Fabric First, but which one was chosen, full or interim FEES?  We are still none the wiser.

The plans to improve standards when replacing windows and building an extension have been scrapped. Does that mean that there will also be no change to any fabric requirements when carrying out a refurbishment? We can guess, but we don’t know.

What about the proposals to change the limiting fabric U-values?

Not a peep.

However, be not in despair, as the statement goes on say that amending regulations will be laid before Parliament ‘shortly’ and statutory guidance ‘during the course of this summer’.

Hmm, better get a move on then, however, given this announcement on Part L 2013 was in ‘Late Spring’ I suppose that means a ‘Government’ summer starts in December. Plenty of time!

One bit of real clarity: The changes will come into force on April 6th 2014. Honest.