What is PAS 2030 and how does it apply to the Green Homes Grant?

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030:2017 describes how energy efficiency measures in dwellings should be specified, installed and commissioned. It forms part of a network of standards and quality assurance measures intended to deliver high quality retrofit work.

The Green Homes Grant scheme requires that installers are certified to PAS 2030 to ensure the delivery of high quality of work throughout the industry. However, the scheme was launched at a time when the retrofit sector was moving from PAS 2030:2017 to PAS 2030:2019. A temporary transition policy has been announced by BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

Essentially, Green Homes Grant work may be carried out under either Specification, apart from in certain defined instances where both PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019 must be used.

How does TrustMark registration fit with PAS 2030?

The Green Homes Grant scheme has created a surge of interest in domestic retrofit. To minimise the risks of poor quality work being carried out, the government has sought to incorporate quality management into the scheme and as such all businesses must be registered with TrustMark which requires a commitment to customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

Any homeowner using a voucher issued under the scheme must therefore obtain quotes from, and appoint, TrustMark registered contractors.

The Green Homes Grant scheme is based on a ‘whole house retrofit’ approach. It looks at a property holistically, considering how different elements of building fabric and services interact with one another to affect the property as a whole. Without this approach, individual measures could be installed which actually have a detrimental impact on the property overall, even though at face value they appear to be a benefit.

TrustMark procedures are in place to ensure that this work is undertaken correctly and that the intent of the Government Scheme is delivered. Being a TrustMark registered contractor requires being certified to PAS 2030 and, with the extra procedures in place, ensures a whole house approach to delivering retrofit.

Obtaining PAS 2030 certification for Green Homes Grant work

Under the new retrofit standards framework, PAS 2030:2017 was updated in 2019 alongside a new Specification, PAS 2035. PAS 2035 covers how dwellings are to be assessed, how measures are specified and recorded, and the undertaking of long-term monitoring. As such there are currently two active PAS 2030s, 2017 and 2019, with slightly differing requirements.

Contractors already registered with the Trustmark scheme are certified to PAS 2030 and can participate in the Green Homes Grant scheme. Contractors certified to PAS 2030 but who are not registered with TrustMark will need to register before they can participate. This certification must come from a body that has been accredited by UKAS.

The transitional arrangements relating to the switch from PAS 2030:2017 to PAS 2030:2019 must be observed, including where the contractor has switched from one PAS 2030 accreditation body to another. More information is available on the TrustMark website.

A contractor who does not have PAS 2030 certification will need to prove to an accreditation body that they are working towards PAS 2030:2019 if they are not fully able to achieve it, and have the necessary abilities to deliver to PAS 2030:2017. To gain PAS 2030 accreditation, companies should contact the Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA). Assuming the company has the necessary procedures and competencies in place, accreditation should take less than two weeks.

The Green Homes Grant scheme is being delivered to very tight timescales. Homeowners must redeem their vouchers before the end of March 2021 or within three months of issue, whichever is sooner. Contractors who want to register with TrustMark, and particularly those who need to gain PAS 2030 certification as well, must do so as soon as possible to improve their chance of being able to deliver Green Homes Grant scheme work. With up to 600,000 homes benefiting from this scheme UK wide, the opportunities to be involved and gain valuable custom from this scheme is huge.

When delivering energy efficiency measures under the Green Homes Grant scheme, use our website to search for stockists of Celotex products. Our technical support team is also available for any questions about the correct applications and installation of our insulation products.