We were promised the long overdue response to the Part L 2013 consultation in ‘the Spring’ by the Government.

OK, given the weather, it is quite difficult to know when the Spring ends and Summer starts, however the rain has got warmer so I think Spring has gone, Summer is here and the response has gone beyond tardy and should be made to sit on the Naughty Step when it eventually appears.

Why does it matter? Well, given that Part L is the second biggest reducer of carbon in the built environment after the CERT/CESP obligation programmes, it can have a significant impact on reducing theUK’s impact on Climate Change.

The fact that the CERT/CESP programmes have finished, and ECO has yet to trouble the CO2 scorers to any significant degree, puts added pressure on Part L to step up and be counted.

So far, no show for Part L. It’s late, very late in the style of a certain sketch about parrots. Rumours abound as to which particular Government department perch this policy has been nailed. DCLG? Treasury? Wherever it has gone, will it reappear in time to be implemented in the year on the tin? Part L 2013 Is dead long live Part L 2014?

‘Who cares?’ you may well ask. Putting aside the carbon reduction agenda, the construction industry has a keen interest what the ‘L’ is happening.

Uncertainty is the last thing that a struggling sector needs and that is exactly what it has got. If you are a house builder looking to design homes in 2014 what specification do you choose? Do you assume no change, Interim FEES, full FEES or just a tweak to limiting fabric U-values?  These all have cost and design implications.

Manufacturers of construction products who use the expected demands of the regulatory framework to map product investment and innovation have to put those plans on hold.

At a time when business needs a clear Part L roadmap towards Zero Carbon housing we have a path littered with the ECO and Green Deal road kill and Part L stuck in a pothole.

It has just been announced that theUK’s CO2 emissions increased in 2012 by 3.5%. With Green Deal and ECO flagging, the time for Part L to show up and deliver some drive and purpose to the carbon reduction agenda of the Government and clarity to the construction industry is upon us.

Where the ‘L’ are you?