Tips on how to stop overheating in your home

Rob Warren features in his latest addition of The Bald Facts, this time with an overheating special. In ‘cool’ attire, Rob discusses some of the things you can do to prevent your home from getting too hot this summer. Check out the video and blog below to understand more.

Roof insulation & Ventilation

Just like the hat on your head there to keep your head cool in the summer months, ventilation is in place in your roof to ensure that air & wind can escape through the ventilation taking the warm air with it. Ventilation in loft spaces is very important. However, it won’t always be windy. Insulation plays an important part in slowing down the warm air escaping into living spaces. Insulation often is blamed for homes overheating but it actually isn’t the cause and is sold in both hot countries and cold countries.

Let your house breathe

Breathability is another crucial part to keeping cool in your house and can be as simple as opening your windows to allow cool air coming in. Trickle vents can also help ventilate in spaces intended to be naturally ventilated. Two very important factors in home breathability.

Heat sources found around your home can also generate a lot of heat that struggles to escape. Small appliances such as televisions, routers & computers generate a lot of heat gain that contributes to overheating. Hot water pipes are another perhaps forgotten contributor to overheating in housing.

Overheating through windows

Ever touched a window when the sun is shining through it? It will be very hot! This is another source of heat which can escape into your property. The technical term is ‘solar gain’. Simple measures such as drawing your blinds or curtains during the day while you are at work will mean that you will return to a cool home.

Follow those simple tips and advice this summer and you can reduce heat gain in your home.

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